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5 year (1975) was held at Myrt's Lakeview Dining Room on Reelfoot Lake.   Just think - we were only 23 years old!!!!

10 year (1980)

I know there was a picture made - seems like Joe Delaney took it.  I'm not sure I ever saw it - does anyone have any pictures from this? 
I believe we met at the American Legion building.


15 year (1985)
Debbie Beasley's restaurant in Tiptonville


20 year (1990)
Reelfoot Airpark Inn


25 year (1995)


30 year (2000)

April 1, 2000
Back Row From Left:   Danny Calton, Jim Wray, Greg Williams, Susan White, Mary Zon McKeel, Janiece Wood,
Gayanne Cartwright, Billy McElyea

Middle Row From Left:   Gloria Boswell Harris, Rita Vaughn, Elizabeth Swift Pierce, Ann Homra, Susan Tipton, Cassandra Black, Susie Rogers, Craig Williams,
Elaine Nunnery, Judy Shell, Sharron Barton, Rhonda Rhodes, Mary Lynn Darnell,
Martha Thurmon, Jim Stanley

Front Row From Left:   Michael Fowler, Douglass Markham, Jim Lavenue, Barry Olhausen, Wendol Thorpe, Donny Tate


35 year (2005)

We met at Lakeview Dining Room, (Actually several met at Barry's house earlier in the day - and the night before).  Following a traditional
Reelfoot dinner, everyone gave an update on their lives.  Back to Barry's house for a wonderful time of recounting and recollecting. 
I swear some stories get bigger and bigger as the years pass!!  We did not have a group picture done -----I'll try to piece one together.



40 year (2010)


45 year (2015)


50 year (2020)  -  Beyond this - depends on Barry's health!


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